NYC Bronx Luxury Apartments? 4 Reasons You Must Know This Building!

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Choosing the right apartment can be a bit overwhelming, especially if this is pretty new to you. However, you shouldn’t stress things out. Keep in mind that the apartment will be your home. It is you who decide what feature is the most important for you or what kind of amenities you want to have. Yes, finding the ideal one can cost you time and energy but if you are patient and you don’t rush things, your hard work will be paid off.

Parkchester: The Bronx Apartment

There are so many apartments out there, but why should you choose the Parkchester, anyway? Well, there are a lot of good reasons why this apartment will be your best option when it comes to choosing the ideal place of living.

  • First of all, the Bronx apartment rental is located in a very nice spot and location, surrounded by a lot of stores and public services. There are more than 100 retail establishments, including supermarket and groceries, for your daily needs.  There are also restaurants, places for hangout (such as the Starbucks), shopping venue (like the Macy’s), medical facilities, and even a post office to accommodate your needs. There are also different types of schools nearby so people with kids can always have easy access to their kids’ education.
  • Second, the apartment sits on a very nice location where it is very easy to access the public transportation system. It has an Express Bus that will take you to Manhattan. It is also nearby the subway line that will take you midtown only 30 minutes away. It is also close to the major highways (3 of them, in fact) so you can go anywhere you like. Be sure that you won’t feel as if you were living in a remote area.
  • Third, the apartment is pretty spacious and roomy, with total 129 acres in dimension. Besides the spacious apartment and the nice surroundings, you can also enjoy the beautiful landscape. There are playgrounds and ball fields for entertainment and relaxation. Your kids will definitely have a blast here. You can also enjoy the green and lush setting with all the flower gardens, shady tall trees, and beautiful shrubs.
  • And the last one, you will definitely like the apartment as it is roomy and well furnished. I myself like the fact that everything is well equipped with simple and yet contemporary design. And the fact that the apartment is quite affordable just adds the fun factor.