4 Important Spring Cleaning Chores  

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Spring cleaning is a great way to shake off the winter time blues. As the weather warms and the cool breeze carries floral notes through the air, it’s time to clean up, de-clutter, and prepare for the warm weather ahead. Try making a list to ensure that all of those annual or twice annual cleaning chores are not forgotten.

Oven Cleaning 

Over the course of the winter, the oven builds up a lot of grime and dirt from the months of delicious, homemade comfort food. A clean oven will look far better, and it will be less likely to put off smoke or offensive odors. An oven should be cleaned yearly at a minimum, but this may be all of the cleaning an oven needs when it is not heavily soiled.

Dryer Vents 

Dryer vents build up lint and dust over the months, making it necessary to clean them on a regular schedule. A heavily soiled vent can cause problems with drying clothes, and it can be a fire hazard in some cases. Dryer vent cleaning Pasadena MD is perfect for cleaning out long vents that may be hard for the homeowner to access without the right tools. Many homeowners may find that their clothes seem to dry faster after a good cleaning.

Changing Filters 

While air filters should be changed between 4 to 12 times a year depending on the type of filter, it’s a great idea to replace it as spring cleaning is being done. Deep cleaning will stir up lots of dust and dirt, which will make its way to the air filter. Exhaust fans that are found above stoves also have filters that may need changing, albeit less frequently.

Pest Baiting & Traps 

With warm spring weather, bugs and rodents will be coming out to feed and build nests. All bait stations, traps, and pesticide applications should be refreshed at the first sign of spring. This keeps pest populations under control.

With a deeply cleaned home that’s free of last year’s clutter, the family can sit back and enjoy another beautiful spring in their spacious home.