Tips on How to Save on Moving Cost

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If you think moving is easy, think again. Professional movers cost more or less $10,000 depending on how far your destination. This is based on 2010 a report by Worldwide ERC, an association that tracks tracking and logistic costs. But this is a professional, full-service mover. They will handle the packing of your belongings and the moving. Although hiring a professional mover is the best way to move, it is not practical. Most people opt to orchestrate the move themselves by renting a truck since it will cost them less money (it takes at least $30-50 for a rented truck, plus mileage). If you have people willing to help you, this might be a good idea. But if you are alone, you might need the help of the professionals. There are ways to cut the cost even if you hire professional movers. In this article, we will show you how to save money when moving.

According to, at least 17 million household move every year. Half of that during summertime. Most families prefer summer to move because their children are finished with their school duties. Although it is convenient to move during the summer, it comes with a price. Since it is a busy season, most moving companies charge extra, by at least 25%.

Pack and unload what is necessary

Pack only what is necessary. Hoarding unused belongings and is a big reason why people have so many things to move and eventually spends a lot when moving. If you think your unused belongings can still be used you can offload it by donating to charities of having a garage sale before moving. The money you get from garage sale can pay for a professional moving service. You can also give the things you do not want to your friends, relatives or neighbors to lessen the number of items you are going to transport. Organize your items and properly. Separate the things you want to use, items you want to give and items that are junk and ready to dispose of. You can also measure all the furniture and appliances that you own. If those things don’t match or don’t fit in your place, sell it or give it away.

Make sure to move at the right time

Timing is everything. Moving in the right month can save you more money than you think. Avoid a busy month, most probably summer. Also, avoid the first and last few days of the month. According to most moving companies, those days are their busiest. You should also avoid Christmas season sins they charge double during the holiday season. Not to mention it’s winter time, very difficult to move with all the snow.

Use boxes properly

Buying brand new boxes that you only use one time is not practical. After moving those boxes will be just another junk you will dispose of. That’s $10-100 of wasted money (Visit to see boxes price). Purchase used or recycled box. One box will only cost you less than a dollar. Imagine how much you are saving just for the boxes? Also, pack your essential things yourself like clothes, bed sheets, toiletries, and shoes. It will lessen the time and amount of work, the movers will spend, since most movers charge by the hour.

Plan your move ahead of time

When packing, it is best if you pack your items by rooms. It is easier to label the boxes if you know what’s inside. It is also easier to unload when you arrive at your destination. You also have to do research on your new home so that you can guide the movers where to put the things when you arrive. Plan ahead of time what items you will bring and what items you will sell or give.

Seal everything

One of the advantages, when you hire professional movers, is that you know your items are in good hands. Whether your items are cheap or expensive, they will make sure you can get your belongings in one piece. And if something happens like breakage, they will make sure that they will pay the damages. Moving companies offer insurance coverage, but it will cost you extra, but in the long run, it can save you a lot of money. You can also ask your movers to seal your things with plastic wraps. In case you use in-house insurance coverage offered by moving companies, make sure to read the contract. Make sure to ask whether they will pay for market value or replacement value. In today’s market, companies will only offer you less than a dollar per pound as insurance coverage.

Make sure if the tax break is applicable

Moving because of job offers can save you money. Ask your employer if your moving expenses like transportation, travel and lodging and storage costs are tax deductible. You can check the IRS website for tax guidelines or consult a tax lawyer for good measures. Most of the time, companies offer a little compensation for moving to other places. They will also offer payment for furnishings in your new home, so you can save the money from moving all your furniture to your new home.

Do some research

If you want the lowest priced professional mover, you can do some research. Check every available mover in your area. You can check out for long-distance moving quotes. The best way is to let the movers take a look at all the items you are planning to move to give you a more realistic quote at the same time they will know what they are dealing. And lastly, do a research about the moving company you are hiring to avoid being victimized by fraudulent movers. Make sure the company is a legit one, complete with business permits, license necessary resources and proper vehicles. There’s a lot of fly-by-night moving companies that offer “affordable” services but the truth is you will spend more money than save if you use to hire them since they are not licensed and any damage to your property will not be replaced by the company.