Common Pool Repairs

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It makes a lot of sense to own a swimming pool. Not only are they an awesome way to cool off during the hot summer months, but if you own a heated pool you can use it year-round to train for races or marathons, or simply stay in shape during the off-season.

Of course, you don’t have to be a world-class athlete to own a heated pool or even a pool ingeneral; most families also have pools to provide hours of entertainment for family and friends—whether it be a backyard BBQ pool party or midnight swim session.

As wonderful as your pool is, unfortunately it will not run perfectly all the time. Sometimes, mechanical issues can arise such as a malfunctioning pump, blocked filter,or faulty lighting.When parts of your pool malfunction,it can be a whole list of potential problems ranging from faulty pool pumps to issues with the filter. Invest …

10 Things You Must Know When Painting a Home’s Exterior

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You’ve decided to tackle the job of painting the exterior of your house instead of hiring a Victoria BC painting contractor so you may be wondering how to prep your home’s exterior and choose the right paint for the project. Listed here are 10 things to help make the job go smoothly..


1)    Consider Mother Nature, some planning around the weather by considering the time of year and local weather patterns by choosing a dry time of year when humidity is lower will allow the paint to dry properly and adhere to surfaces.

2)    Quality over price, while it can be tempting to choose a lower priced paint keep in mind a higher quality paint provides better coverage and less frequent painting. Improve paint technology results in color that lasts longer so it pays not to skimp when buying paint.

3)    Sand and wash, some time spent washing and scraping …

When Carpenter Ants Become a Huge Problem

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Ants are never welcome at a picnic and they’re really a sight you don’t want to see in your home. While it’s unsettling to find them crawling on your floors or countertops they are more of a nuisance as they search for something to eat. The Carpenter ant is a very different story with their ability to damage the wood  they nest in and an infestation can become a serious problem if left unchecked. Just a single colony of these ants can result in satellite nests throughout your home.

Access points to your home are vents in the attic, cracks in the foundation or around windows and doors as well as any small openings around electrical wires, phone lines and pipes. Some spots they build their nests might be inside the hollow of your doors in wall voids and other structural lumber that has likely been softened by decay or …

The Basic Types and Styles of Windows for Your Home

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Whether you’re buying home replacement windows or putting your first ones into a new home, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to the different types that are available to you. Selecting the right window is going to dependent on a number of factors from how much sunlight you want to let into the architectural design of the home. The good news is, if you get tired of the style you choose you can always customize or replace them as you wish. So here are the home window types to consider discussing with your custom window replacement installers.


Double-Hung Windows

These windows are defined by the pair of sashes that move in vertical directions within the frame. You can open them from the bottom or the top and they are designed to stay on a track housed in the frame, they do not open out or in, …

CBSE Class 12th: Tips, tricks and points to remember for Science and Mathematics exam

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The CBSE Class 12th board exam will start from March 9, 2017. This year, a total of 10,98,420 students have applied for the Class 12th board exam.

Before appearing the exam, it is important to understand that all the subjects requires more of conceptual understanding along with a bit of revise. Also Read: How to crack BITSAT exam 2016? Tips to prepare


Here are some last minute tips, tricks and some points to remember before appearing the exam:

Admit card: First and most important thing, do not forget to carry your admit card. Without it, you won’t be allowed to appear for the paper.

Read the questions carefully: 10 to 15 minutes reading time will be provided before the commencement of the exam, during this time one should read the question paper carefully and check the marks which is given to each question.

Make a proper choice: There is …

Signs of Foundation Damage

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Many of us have had to deal with an aging home that’s starting to show the signs of age with a settling foundation. What often happens as a result of the settling is the formation of cracks in your foundation. Although those cracks may be the least exciting thing you’d like to pay attention to, they’re linked to one of the most important areas of your home, the foundation and its ability to protect the structural integrity of your home. If your foundation is not sound it will affect many things in your home, like how well your doors close and your windows open, for example. This is why it’s a good idea to know what signs to look for and then do something about it.

Cracked Drywall

Not all cracks indicate a serious foundation problem. Some can come from the natural settling of an older home. In a word, …

How to Prevent Clogged Drains and Plumbing Backups

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Preventing a clogged drain or plumbing backup doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Like many things, a little maintenance goes a long way.

The following are some tips on how to prevent both clogged drains and plumbing backups.

Ensure the Area is Clean and Free of Debris

Make sure the area where the clog or backup is occurring is clean. It is an essential first step to managing any clog and backup. In the case of a backup, cleaning the area will also help determine where the blockage occurred. After fixing the blockage, routine maintenance is essential.


Remember, Blockage Could be Caused by a Variety of Factors

Sometimes a blockage could be due to a damaged or broken pipe. Maybe it could be caused by a clog of some kind. Depending on the location of the pipe, the culprits could also be roots.

They tend to find their way into …

Add Character with Your Patio Door

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Changing your home can be so wonderful. Doors and windows play a great part in natural lighting inside our living spaces. Doing this task is much easier with experienced help to accomplish the look and fit of new doors. Houses shift and move through the years and doors should be replaced for optimum insulation. The best part of patio light can come from the door you have chosen to replace old warn doors in your home.


Glass Patio Doors

The glass patio door is full of benefits and the first is natural light. Your natural light can increase happiness literally. The more natural light in your home promotes happier moods for you and your family. Pets and plants also benefit tremendously from natural light . Glass patio doors allow for the most natural light entering the home.

Energy Savings

Replacing doors and windows every few years will reduce utility bills …

How to Sell Outdoor Furniture and Get the Most of It

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If you decided to replace your furniture, then do not rush into throwing always the existing set. A lot of people might be looking for it which means that you can earn pretty good money and finance the new set. Below we prepared several tips that will help you evaluate your used furniture properly.


Determine Value

One of the most complicate questions to answer is whether your piece of outdoor furniture is buried treasure or just ordinary trash? You know that five years ago your set was worth pretty a lot, but do not know how much used furniture may cost? Was it made by someone famous, or maybe it is antique?

If you have something similar to antiques, make sure to consult a professional to set the right price for the piece. If you have outdoor furniture as a set but one part is missing you still can get …

Getting the Ideal Temperature in Your House

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When was the last time you paid attention to all of those things hard at work in your basement? Have you paid attention to the heating and the furnace? Have you paid attention to the water heater and the air conditioning system? If you haven’t been paying very good attention you’re going to want to start. These important tools are working extremely hard to keep your house in the condition you want and they won’t continue to do that forever. That’s why you want to make sure that you’re getting them looked at and serviced frequently, in order to keep them working right.

The Heat Pump

If you’ve started noticing some problems in your house you want to make sure that you’re looking at these things first. Take a look at all the things in your basement or crawlspace. You may notice something obvious that’s wrong that you can take …