4 Reasons You May Choose Midtown West When Moving To NYC

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Here are 4 reasons that you must know when moving to apartments in New York City

Understanding which apartments that suitable to you is a must. When you want to move from one place to New York City, it will be better if you know the appropriate apartment for you. Then, you must search for it. You can look for an apartment by asking your family or friend who lives there. Nowadays, there are many luxury New York City apartments that you can rent or buy. As recommendation, you can move to Midtown West apartments. It is one of the best apartments there that you can consider. You may not believe this because you do not know yet. Actually, these reasons will make you more understand, as follows:

The location is strategic

From the hustle of the Port Authority Bus Terminal to the bustle of Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street, much of New York’s attractive vibrancy and energy comes from this area stretching from Times Square to Central Park South. It is so strategic because it can be found easily and it is not too far from the downtown.

Good neighborhood

If you are looking for a neighborhood with parks and recreation just outside your door for the family to enjoy such as theaters, tourist attractions and tall office buildings, the buzz and glow of the city, a giant wraparound news tickers and Broadway marquees. You can also visit the Hershey’s Time Square Store to satisfy your sweet tooth or grab a bite to eat at typical tourist meccas like TGI Friday’s or the Dave & Buster’s.

There’s also no shortage of restaurants in the area

For some excellent French fare try La Bergamote, which is known for its fast menu, with nearly 30 types of luxurious French pastries, six sorts of croissants, over a dozen types of breads as well as diverse handmade chocolates? For dinner try Aquavit, the country’s preeminent Scandinavian restaurant. There really so much dining options to list, you can check out the entire listings of restaurant in the Midtown area.

Midtown West is also home to Radio City Music Hall

It is a home to world-famous dancers like the Rockettes, Museum of Television and Radio, Museum of Modern Art, Carnegie Hall and the newly renovated Museum of Arts & Design. These extraordinary cultural institutions play host year-round to natives and tourists alike, so catch an eye-catching exhibit or enjoy a symphony and bask in some of New York’s greatest artistic offerings.