7 Tips on How to Minimize the Dustinside the House

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In reality, there is no taking off the dust completely in any way possible, only that there is minimizing them through cleaning and filtration. Today, there are advanced ways to minimize the dust inside the house with the help of air filtration systems. Nevertheless, practical techniques are also applicable to evade intensive dust build up inside the house. If you wish to make use of a vacuum cleaner for the aforementioned, you can go through the canister vacuum comparison on Dreamhomeresource.


1.       Place doormats in your entrances andfloor mats on high traffic areas.

Entrances are the most high-trafficked area in the house and are the first recipients of dust and grime from people coming in. Placing doormats outside and inside the doorway efficiently limits the dirt coming in. Moreover, setting up floor mats or area rugs on other high traffic and spill-prone areas inside the house such as doorways of the bathroom, below the fridge, or on the stairs, is also a good idea.

2.       Limit the number of high traffic entrances.

By limiting the number of entrances frequently used by people and pets, you are also limiting the chances of the dust to enter the house. Moreover, you also reduced the areas that needed to deep-clean.

3.       Consider the time and the number of times your windows and doors are open.

Most of the dust inside the house came outside. In order to limit them from entering, you should also consider when and how long do you let your doors and windows open. While it is a breath of fresh air when windows are open, know that dust and pollen also come along with the breezing wind. If the wind is strong enough to disturb and carry a good amount of dust inside the house, then it is best to keep your doors and windows closed.

4.       Seal up any cracks.

Dust will go wherever the air takes them, and dust will find their way to your house even through any cracks on your windows, doors, and walls; hence, go and inspect if you can find one in your house and seal it up. Aside from saving you from an unexpected surge in your bills, it will also save you a lot of dusting.

5.       If possible, shoes should be left outside.

You can intend to have a shoeless home, but that is not always possible. Nevertheless, you can try to place a shoe rack just beside the entrance to try to make clear your point that shoes are not entirely invited inside the house.

6.       Minimize your textiles and get rid of knick-knacks.

Remove piles and accumulation of stuffthat are not frequently neededsuch as books and unused clothes, especially in high traffic areas, as they invite dust to settle on them instead of in the areas that can be easily cleaned. If in any way possible, reduce the textiles you use, especially in places where they can trap dust. Beforehand, choose wisely on the type of fabrics for your textiles; some types accumulate and actually produce dust significantly more than other types.

7.       Groom your pets.

Pets are one of the top carriers of dust inside the house, and add up their dander. Grooming your pets regularly and giving them a good once over can make a big difference as they can shed while being groomed outside the house instead of shedding inside.