Prefab Steel Homes

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One of the best long-term investments you can make is building your own home using steel framing. If you are looking for a plot of land to build on make sure that the groundwater is suitable for drinking. Once you have found one that meets those requirements you have found your perfect place to build your own property. Using Steel and not wood has manage advantages, especially when it comes to insects or temperature. Even though the materials used are completely different the construction looks the same. It can be slightly more expensive to use a steel framing and not wood but over the lifetime of the home it will save you costs in repair and maintenance.

Prefab Steel Homes Building Materials

Steel frame based home’s walls are build using tracks which secure the frame to the floor. They support the steel frame and are constructed by using a framework of steel studs that around 24 inches apart from each other and not 16 inches which you would find in typical wood frame build houses. You will need tools that are specially designed for cutting and securing metal before your can start the construction work.

Prefab Steel Homes Building Tools

To be able to build your prefab steel home there are a number of tools you will need. These include tools for cutting shears to clip and trim along with a collated screw gun. You will also need C-clamps which are used for holding and pinning as the framework is being secured by using track flange screws. These are all specialist tools signed to make sure that the framework is completely secure.

Prefab Steel Homes Construction Limitations

You will need to follow the blueprints exactly to be able to build your own prefab steel home. It means that the steel studs along with framing are measured and cut exactly to the specifications. The steel frame gives more flexibility when it comes to design when compared with wood framed houses. The steel can be molded and shaped to create artistic and interesting angles to make your property stand out from the rest along with giving it an ultra modern look.

Prefab Steel Homes Blueprints

When choosing the blueprints for your new home you will need to make sure that they are specifically for steel frame homes and not wooden ones. If you have found blueprints of a wood framed property you like, you will need to consult with an architect that will have to alter the plans so that it can be used for a steel frame. One of the biggest differences between the two types of builds is the distance of the studs along with materials used. Make sure you get a fixed price quote so you know exactly the cost so you can set a budget to pay for all the work required.

Prefab Contractors

If you want to build a home with a steel frame, you will need to hire a prefab contractor that has previous experience in this field. Most of the work required is extremely similar but there are subtle changes which if your contractor is not aware of, it could lead to disaster. The materials used for steel frame homes may cost slightly more but you will save money in the end as long as you hire a contractor that is good at their job.