CBSE Class 12th: Tips, tricks and points to remember for Science and Mathematics exam

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The CBSE Class 12th board exam will start from March 9, 2017. This year, a total of 10,98,420 students have applied for the Class 12th board exam.

Before appearing the exam, it is important to understand that all the subjects requires more of conceptual understanding along with a bit of revise. Also Read: How to crack BITSAT exam 2016? Tips to prepare


Here are some last minute tips, tricks and some points to remember before appearing the exam:

Admit card: First and most important thing, do not forget to carry your admit card. Without it, you won’t be allowed to appear for the paper.

Read the questions carefully: 10 to 15 minutes reading time will be provided before the commencement of the exam, during this time one should read the question paper carefully and check the marks which is given to each question.

Make a proper choice: There is an internal choice in one question of 2 marks, one question of 3 marks and three questions of 5 marks. Try to make a proper choice of the questions during the first 10 to 15 minutes reading time. So, that you would want to attempt in order to avoid confusion later.

Answering tips and tricks: Definitions should be direct to the point; derivations should contain a sentence or two of introduction, a diagram (if any), clear mathematical steps with highlighted final result; graphical questions and conceptual problems should be supported with correct reasoning. Numerical problems must be solved in logical systematic manner.

Follow the proper sequence: Try to follow the proper sequence if the question demands you to write about the procedure or steps.

Answered with examples: Don’t forget to give examples wherever possible.

Time factor: Be careful in time factor. Don’t spend too much time on one particular question at the cost of other questions. Questions asking for ‘Distinguish’ or ‘Differentiate’ should be written in a table format, it will good impression to the teacher.

Diagrams: Don’t forget to give diagrammatic representation of the answers wherever necessary.

Not to repeat your answers: If you attempts a question twice, marks will be given in the question which is attempted first and the question attempted later will be ignored, whether is it right or wrong.

Don’t forget to revise: Leave around 20 minutes to revise your written answer sheets.
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