The Basic Types and Styles of Windows for Your Home

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Whether you’re buying home replacement windows or putting your first ones into a new home, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to the different types that are available to you. Selecting the right window is going to dependent on a number of factors from how much sunlight you want to let into the architectural design of the home. The good news is, if you get tired of the style you choose you can always customize or replace them as you wish. So here are the home window types to consider discussing with your custom window replacement installers.


Double-Hung Windows

These windows are defined by the pair of sashes that move in vertical directions within the frame. You can open them from the bottom or the top and they are designed to stay on a track housed in the frame, they do not open out or in, so you won’t have any glass sticking up from the side of the exterior wall of your home. The variation on this theme is a single-hung window, where only the bottom portion slides up and down and the top part doesn’t move.

Awning Windows

Unlike double-hung windows, these do protrude from the exterior wall of your house. Awning windows are built with hinges positioned at the top, so the window can be opened to allow fresh air in from either side or at the bottom. They can be installed beside existing windows or above patio or terrace doors. B            edrooms are a popular room for awning windows but there could be security concerns due to the size of the gap that exists when the window is open

Casement Windows

These are some of the best choices for a window that offers excellent energy efficiency because they are tightly sealed when shut. Casement windows are designed to open outward and are easy to open due to the slide rail configuration that bears most of the weight of the window when opening and closing it. Casement windows have become a popular choice with newer, modern homes, particularly on the west coast.

Picture Windows

When you don’t need a window to open to bring in fresh air but want an unobstructed view of the surroundings outside, picture windows are the answer. They are solely for the visual benefit (hence why they are called “picture” windows) and can usually be found in walls, hallways, bathrooms, and living areas that want to take full advantage of the view beyond your exterior walls. High-rise luxury apartments with sweeping views of the city skyline typically utilize picture windows. But be careful, the larger the glass, the more susceptible you might be to damage from weather or vandalism.

Bay Windows

A bay window is actually a collection of three or more windows that are designed and built to protrude from the exterior wall of the house. Installation of this type of window leaves you with a box in which you can lounge in and look out on the big wide world around you. They can make any room look and feel a little bit larger and are defined by their angled lines and flat planes.