Conservatories: How And Why They Are Becoming More And More Popular

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Conservatories are becoming increasingly popular all over the United Kingdom with individuals seeking the building services of professionals who can deliver their dream conservatory.

There are multiple reasons for the increase in popularity of conservatories, here are some of the major reasons why so many people are choosing home improvement of this kind.

A) Versatility – you can do virtually whatever you wish with a conservatory, you can build it out as a greenhouse, an additional dining room, a sitting room, a “chill out” space or generally anything you can think of that the space allocated allows, they are extremely versatile forms of home improvement.

B) Efficiency – Generally they can be built quickly (the construction of a conservatory can be complete within one week in some cases). This fast turnaround time is attractive for many individuals looking for fast, high quality home improvement that is versatile and substantial.

C) Cheap – Conservatories are generally a lot cheaper than other kinds of home improvement, a two storey extension can cost in excess of £80,000, a loft conversion can cost in excess of £38,000 and basement conversions (in some cases can run into the £100,000s) can also be a very expensive undertaking. In contrast to this, conservatories generally cost anything in the region of £10,000-£30,000 making them generally less expensive.

D) They add significant value to a property – Usually an increase in value to the amount of approxiately 7% is experienced with the addition of a conservatory to a home, this, coupled with the fact that conservatories are relatively inexpensive, this makes for an attractive proposition for many people.


Increased publicity of conservatory building companies’ is also a contributing factor to people choosing to have a conservatory added to their home, with newspaper coverage and TV advertisements all contributing to the increease in the demand for conservatories.

Tips For People Thinking About A Conservatory:

1) If you are considering having one built onto your home you should be sure to search for a reputable company, this should be your first priority.
2) Also have a clear idea as to what type of conservatory you would like to have built onto your property, if you prefer a particular shape or size, or a particular design, it is helpful for you to have this in mind before getting a team of builders in to help with the construction of your dream conservatory.
3) Remember to compare quotes from multiple different building companies, this is important to make sure that you have a price that represents a fair quote for a fair service.
4) Make sure the company have building service insurance (otherwise known as public indemnity insurance).
5) Ensure they are fully qualified, trained, and observe all building and safety regulations to ensure they are operating legally.

Two particular hotspots in the United Kingdom for conservatories are the areas of Islington and Ealing, here is a good source for Islington conservatories building services and for Ealing conservatories see here both of these areas are experiencing increased demand, and a quick search can bring you a list of companies’ that can help you with any conservatory-related projects, the above two links are recommendations.