What are the features of the pedestal fans?

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Pedestal fans are similar to the table fans other than the fact that they have a more powerful motor and usually vary in their number of blades. The pedestal fan also has a central rod on which the fan is mounted and about which the pedestal fan oscillates if it has the option of oscillating.


The pedestal fans are used in places which are not confined yet they are not very much spacious. These are idea to be used in offices which have been designed by the older architecture. The fan is also used in gatherings. If only circulation of air in terms of movement is required then these devices are the best one can get. These come in with powerful motors as stated earlier and thus they create a very strong gust of air. Apart from this there are various other fabulous features that have created a huge demand for pedestal fans even in the online market. (Check it out now, if you plan to buy one.) They are as follows:

Mobility:  The fans are not fixed unlike the ceiling fans and they can be moved from one place to other very easily. They just have to be placed on a hard, sturdy surface and they are all ready to be used.

Easy handling: The fans are very easy to handle and anyone with even very little technical knowledge can disconnect the fan take it to some other place and reconnect it to get it working again nice and fast. The product thus fulfils one of the most difficult market criteria of being a user-friendly product.

Easily set up: The fan is really easy to set up and get it working because the fan just requires an existing power point and the user just has to plug the fan in and switch it on from the button on the fan and this gets it working.

Easy to store: When the fan is no longer required the fan can be taken and stored very easily because unlike the ceiling fan which is fixed to the ceiling and is really bulky in shape especially due to the blades of the fan. The pedestal fans due to its compact make up can be easily stored if need be.

Excellent choice for tenants: The pedestal fans are an excellent choice for tenants because they are not as such that you require permission for installing it due to no such need of wiring or place to hang it on the ceiling.

The cost is low: The cost of installing a pedestal fan is niland also when at times during purchase also these fans are a lot less expensive than the ceiling fans which makes it a better choice than the ceiling fans when money is an issue.

Low ceiling problem: The fan is one of the best options there is to problem of the low ceiling and dangers of ceiling fan in such a case. Thus, this fan can be setup very easily and the outer cage on the blades protects you from getting serious any serious injuries.

Attachments: The pedestal fans can be used with cool attachments where for effective cooling there is an add-on attached to a pedestal fan behind its blades which sprays water on the blades in very tiny drops which on colliding with the blades of the fan become tinier and gives the receiver a cool sensation.