The Importance Of Sprinkler Systems Maintenance

Sprinkler systems are an important aspect of the safety and fire protection system of your property. Once triggered, it can help control the spread of fire and minimize the threat to the property as well as people inside it. Buildings are required to have a functional sprinkler system in order to keep everyone safe. Like all systems in a building, the sprinkler systems require regular maintenance in order to work well. Here are some reasons why you should get them inspected and maintained regularly.

  1. Different systems

Different systems have different operating mechanisms and require different kind of maintenance and repairs. It’s important to know what kind of system you have in your property and what its maintenance requirements are:

  • Wet pipe systems – These are the most common types of sprinkler systems and are often considered the most reliable as well. They have a simpler mechanism and are also the most reliable. In most cases, they’re connected to the municipal water supply, and the alarm check valve; the automatic sprinklers are the only two mechanical components in it. You can service and maintain them once each year and still expect good performance.
  • Alternate valve systems – Alternative valve systems are designed for regions with cold winters to ensure the pipes don’t freeze. During the warmer months, the system is charged with water and during the winter, it’s charged with air. Unfortunately, this has an impact on the sprinkler system, especially during the colder months.

These systems consist of an accelerator, sprinkler heads, a dry and wet alarm control valve, and a dedicated water supply system and they’re all vulnerable to seasonal changes and wear. You need to maintain and service this system once during April and again during October to ensure it runs smoothly.

  • Sprinkler systems with separate water supply – These systems also require regular maintenance and most manufacturers recommend at least two maintenance checks per year. The diesel engine that pumps the water must be inspected and serviced every year in order to remain reliable and efficient.

It’s easy to forget the maintenance requirements of different systems. Some people even forget what kind of system they have installed in their property. The best way to avoid problems down the line is to set some sort of reminder on your phone or engage a company that will provide regular maintenance on schedule.

  1. Wear and tear

Wear and tear can have an impact on the performance of the sprinklers and make them malfunction when they’re needed the most. People don’t realize that water is corrosive and will eventually damage the system. Dust and debris can also settle and solidify in the system, which can cause it to jam and develop performance issues. Regular sprinkler systems maintenance will help remove all of the dust and debris from the system and ensure it works as it is supposed to.

Sometimes, these repairs will include replacing valves, pipes, sprinkler heads, etc, in order to ensure it doesn’t break down and stop working during emergencies or adverse weather conditions.

For your safety, it is important to inspect and maintain your sprinkler systems at least once a year or twice if you have a system that requires it. You can hire a reliable professional to do the inspection and maintenance for you. They’ll assess the installation and identify problem areas before they offer solutions.