Common Causes of a Flooded Basement

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For some homeowners a flooded basement in Victoria BC is a regular occurrence, one they put off rather than deal with the cause. However ignoring this ongoing problem overtime can mean serious consequences for your home. Anytime your basement floods homeowners should be concerned and the result of the following common causes.

Unsuitable Location for Your Home

Where the house is located on the property can be the reason for flooding, especially properties with a sloped terrain. A home built on the lower part of a slope is bound to be subject to flooding. The good news is that the elements that cause erosion may eventually fix the problem for you.

Poor Floor and Wall Sealing

As your home is being constructed floor and wall pouring by workers that do a shoddy job with sealing will result in flooding. Another issue is basement tiles that aren’t properly sealed during construction will allow water to seep in during extreme weather conditions. If you notice flooding after periods of heavy rainstorms faulty sealing may be the reason.

Blocked Gutter System

Another thing that can cause flooding is when the manifold that connects your home to the municipal sewer system gets plugged. Flooding of your home could result, in the case you want to notify the local authorities right away.

Improperly Installed Drainage System

Downspouts that carry rainwater away from your home can be problematic if they have been installed incorrectly. They might be too close to the basement ( within 6 feet ) or if they drain towards the basement it can overload weeping tiles and have water finding it’s way into the basement. When properly installed downspouts should drain towards the street or backyard and never a neighbour’s yard.

Debris in the Eavestroughs

Regular maintenance to clear our debris and leaves from gutters will prevent rain from overflowing with water and into the basement. The easy fix is to carry out regular clearing of debris to avoid the problem. In areas that experience extreme rainfall homeowners may want to consider installing larger gutters designed to handle more volume. Homeowners that utilize a sump pump as part of their drainage system should also remove, clean and maintain it in good working order.

With winter upon us you may have concerns about flooding.  When it’s time to call in the professionals contact Wet Coast Drainage Solutions.