Is My Sinking Concrete Slab Ruined?

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Many homeowners mistakingly think that a sinking slab spells big trouble. It can if it’s not remedied right away.

Why is my concrete sinking?

If you live nearby a lake, river, or another body of water, the water table of the earth can be high. When the ground is saturated from beneath, your soil can shift and become soft. It can also be caused by topsoil erosion.

What can happen with uneven settling?

An open concrete slab that sinks at one end will rise on the other side. You end up with an uneven surface that is unusable. The portions sinking or up high can crack, also leaving you with seriously damaged concrete. If it is supporting a structure, you will end up with damage to the building.

Will I have to completely replace the slab?

If you catch the erosion and concrete sinking soon enough, you can employ methods to salvage the slab before it’s damaged. The lowered portion will have to be raised and supported. It will then even out the slab again.

Are repairs possible for older concrete?

Older concrete slabs that are in good condition are still useful. All you need is to have the sinking portion raised before the older concrete cracks or breaks off. It is worth the cost savings to invest in salvaging your existing concrete slab. You can get a few more good years of use out of your older concrete.

Polyurethane Concrete Raising

Polyuretane concrete raising is a way to bring the concrete slab level by filling in the area beneath the sinking slab with a two-part mix that expands to fill the space. It is an eco-friendly way to support the slab that can be done by one technician.

If you have a concrete slab that is beginning to sink at one end, call on the polyurethane concrete raising Illinois homeowners depend on. It’s an affordable fix that will make your concrete surface as good as new.