How to Know When Your Home Needs Repiping

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One of the most tedious problems that a house or an apartment can have is a plumbing problem. Everyone knows that pipes are filthy and unsanitary. That’s why no one seems to care about fixing them. Most of the time people are unaware that there’s a plumbing problem in the house. You can’t really blame them. Most of the times, leaking pipes are not noticeable. Well, not until you see the water bill.

Old pipes can have a lot of damage. This is due to temperature change, rust, clog, etc. If your house is old, then the tubes that come with the house can encounter a lot of issues. This is entirely normal, and it happened to almost everyone. Sure you can hire a plumber to fix the leakage or unclog the toilet. But what happens if the damage is so severe that you need to replace the old tubes with new ones entirely. Trying to fix severely damaged pipes is like milking a dead cow. It will definitely cost more than it should, and before you know it, you’re facing the problem yet again. This entire process can be frustrating on you and the whole family. Check the link for more details

Pipes are not everlasting. Before you make any decision consult with an experienced plumber about the conditions of the tubes. If the damage is beyond repair, then the plumber may advise you to replace the entire plumbing system with a new one. Here are some clear signs that you need repiping that you can notice yourself:

The smell of the water

Water is supposed to be bright and refreshing. Well, that’s not the case with old and rusty pipes. This happens when tubes begin to deteriorate. The water is definitely undrinkable. You can’t even take a proper bath or shower to start your day. The water coming from the tap might have a smell. This is not good since water has to be odorless.

Moreover, it could have kind of like a brownish color. This is due to the rust in the pipes. Once you notice something like this, immediately contact professional plumbers and get yourself a new pair of tubes.

The constant leaks

Leaks are inevitable when it comes to pipes. Surely your pipe can have small leakage that is easily fixable. But if you’re faced with continuous leaking pipes, then it is definitely time to replace them. A plumber can come and repair the tube. But after a while, you might start to experience the problem yet again. If this situation happens continuously, then it is time to get rid of the leaking pipes and purchase new and functional ones.

It doesn’t have to be just leakage. The tubes can suffer clogs as well. This prevents the water from draining much faster. If you realize that the problem is not fixable, then hire plumbers to install a new set of pipes in your home. This way you won’t have to worry about leakage or rust anytime soon.


You can check for corrosion yourself. That’s not something hard to do. Besides, it will help you to determine whether you need new pipes or not. If you notice a slight discoloration of the tubes, then it’s a good chance that the corrosion process has started. If there are incredibly noticeable signs of rust, then you should consider buying new pipes. The faster you RePipe the house, the quicker you’ll eliminate the problem. If you don’t know how to fix this yourself, there are always experienced plumbers that can come and help you.

Water pressure is low

Everyone likes to enjoy a bath or a shower with high water pressure. Most of the times, high pressure is not very good for pipes in general. If your pipes are old, it will create a bigger problem. The pressure of the water will start to decrease with time. This is definitely a sign that something is wrong with the plumbing system. 

The quicker you address these issues, the faster you’ll get high pressured water once again. If it’s the time to say goodbye to your old tubes then do it. It’s way better to have fully operational pipes anyway.