Differences Between Interior Decoration and Interior Design

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In general, there are a few main differences between interior design and decoration. The knowledge of professionals in both disciplines is not the same. An interior design professional will need to be trained in architectural concepts that will help you understand the interior structure of any building. They must also have some knowledge of psychology. In this way, they will be able to approach the interior design of a building in the correct way, depending on the needs and preferences of their clients.

The Modifications

On the other hand, an interior designer is in charge of space management. Its main objectives are to optimize the structure of the building and think about its functionality. An interior designer will also be in charge of designing any changes related to the structure of a building. Any work that requires modification of the walls, changes to the lighting system, or repairs should be supervised by an interior designer, Denver location.

The Colors and Textures

An interior design professional may consider the colors and textures that will be used to decorate a building, but this is not their priority. However, a designer could also take these aspects into account. This will be done in order to make a general design proposal that will be considered suitable for a specific audience. Instead, it is the decoration professionals who will be in charge of the selection of the different decorative elements that will be part of the building.

Interior Decoration: What does it Consist Of?

An interior design professional must study the structure of a building. In this way, you can determine the best way to distribute your interior space. On the other hand, a decorator will carry out his work once the interior structure of the building is already defined. This is an important difference between interior design and decoration.

The Elements

The decoration of space implies the choice of the different elements of furniture and accessories that will be part of it. Therefore, another difference between interior design and decoration is that the former combines initial space management with creativity. Instead, decor uses creativity to add aesthetic value to the final look of an interior space. Interior decoration consists of placing the furniture, choosing the colors and textures of the different textile elements. Also, the decorator determines the most appropriate lighting accessories according to the style of each interior space. Once all the elements have been chosen, you must make sure that they combine with each other.


Despite the difference between interior design and decoration, both disciplines are complementary. In many cases, the work of an interior designer requires the collaboration of a decorator, and vice versa. Consult with an Interior Designer Denver offers.