Important Landscaping Facts

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Landscaping goes beyond the choice of vegetation cover. It looks at the relationship between your choice of plants and the ability to minimize the resources needed for effective landscape maintenance. It involves creating an outdoor environment that is conducive for you and that which protects the natural resources. Charlotte Landscaping provides sustainable solutions to enhance your outdoor space.

You can adopt the following landscaping practices to boost your lawn’s appearance and function.

Placement of vegetation cover

Vegetation cover such as trees provides water catchment areas and makes your landscape ecofriendly. They also prevent your home from adverse climatic conditions such as strong winds. Trees reduce the impact of wind and can prevent your home structures from damage.

Trees help you save on air conditioning costs during the hot seasons as they provide a shade that regulates the amount of heat and light that gets into your house. Your contractor will help you identify the best location for tree placement and the ideal size, depending on the area topography.

Use of Native Plants

When considering how to restructure your landscape, it is important to pay attention to the native plants available in your region and understand what you can use. The preparation exercise for restructuring involves collecting soil samples for testing to find out the best native plants you can use for your lawn.

It is also important to make the right choices of plants to minimize the likelihood of failure. When planting native vegetation cover, it is commendable to make a planting hole that is wide enough and ensure that the root is in level with the ground and not above.

Prevention of erosion

The structure of your landscape should keep the soil intact and prevent it from runoff and erosion. Proper design of your lawn provides a good drainage system and allows