Why Cake Toppers Are Making a Comeback: A Unique and Inexpensive Way to Show Your Guests Your Love

Do you remember those little robots and pandas that people stuck on top of their wedding cake in the early 2000s? They were called cake toppers, and for a while it felt like they were everywhere. But then the fad faded, and for a long time it seemed like nobody cared about them anymore. Now, however, there’s been an explosion of interest in these decorative pieces again! In fact, you probably won’t find many great wedding ideas sites or Pinterest boards without seeing at least one photo of a beautiful dessert with an adorable little topper on top. Luckily, we’re taking it one step further at Printed Little Things, with personalised photo cake toppers.

Why People Love Cake Toppers Again

First things first, we need to know why the demand for cake toppers has come surging back. There are a few different reasons, but one stands out: more people are getting married later in life, and older couples are often having a second wedding. These couples are more likely to have small children than they were in the past, and they’ll want to put their child in the wedding party. So they’ll want to include their child on the cake as well, and having a personalised touch on top of the cake is a perfect solution. Moreover, due to the popularity of throwback trends, there has been a marked increase in retro-themed weddings. If you’re getting married in a vintage style, you’ll definitely want that classic cake topper on top of your cake!

What is a Cake Topper?

A cake topper is a small decoration that is placed on top of a wedding cake. Cake toppers are typically designed to show the bride and groom or the groom and his parents if used at a wedding. Cake toppers first became popular in the early 1900s. The first cake toppers were made of sugar and were hand-crafted. They were typically produced in Germany, where they became a cottage industry. In the 1920s, the first plastic toppers were produced in the United States.

The Advantages of Using a Cake Topper

A cake topper is a great way to capture a special moment from your relationship. You can have the topper depict you and your partner when you first met or depict you on your first date. A cake topper will also help to transition your guests from your ceremony to your reception. It will be a nice visual reminder that the celebration is continuing. A cake topper can also be a really good way to include children in your wedding. You can have the topper depict you and your partner with your child. This is a great way to make your child feel included. A cake topper is also a really good way to make your cake stand out. It is a unique and creative way to show your personality through your cake.

Tips for Choosing Your Cake Topper

– Consider the design of your cake. If you want to really show off the topper, make sure you get a design that is visually appealing on a white cake. Alternatively, you can choose a design that complements the design of your cake.

– Look for a photo that matches your wedding theme. You don’t want these decorations to clash with your colour scheme. Your toppers, table decorations, and other decorations should be in keeping with the overall theme of your wedding.

Where Can I Buy a Cake Topper?

There are plenty of options to buy your perfect cake topper, but Printed Little Things has to come out on top. Safe in the knowledge that all you need to do is upload a photo, how can you resist having your face on a cake?


A cake topper is a cost-effective way to add a personal touch to your wedding cake. Whether you choose a standard design or create a custom design, a cake topper will make your cake unique and memorable.