Ecopur is the official installerof PUR foam in Estonia, certified and trained by Huntsman. The manufacturer’swarranty (Huntsman) only applies to products installed by us. Our scope of services includes theapplicationofopen and closedpore foam (sprayingand/orspraying), thermography and spraysubstructureon surfaces. Open-cell PUR foam Open-cell foam is for you when itcomes to insulating attics, ceilings or false ceilings, facades, interiorwalls and/or partitions, etc. Closed Cell PUR FoamClosedCellPURFoam is for you if you arebuildingfoundations, exterior facades,sub-roofs,basements, tanks, etc. PUR foam injection The injection service is right for you if you need to insulate ceilings, floors or walls but don’t want to dismantle the building.Lifting Ecopur helps to repairsaggingfloors,i.H.when raising floors, raising foundations and stabilizing theground. Thermography Thermography is used to detect heat loss and to check heat retention through windows, walls, outsidebuildings and various connections.