Can you have wooden floors in the kitchen?

The kitchen is a unique room. It suffers food spillages, hot temperatures and plenty of traffic. This means you need to think carefully about every aspect of its design, from the paint you choose to the cupboards and, of course, the flooring. Wooden flooring never goes out of fashion and is a great way to create a beautiful timeless look in any home, but is it suitable for the kitchen?

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Today’s kitchens

The kitchen has had an enormous shift in recent years, no longer a galley at the back of the house in which to rapidly prepare the dinner, kitchens are now social spaces where guests and family members convene and prepare food together. This means that many homeowners have chosen to undertake major work to fully renovate their kitchens.

Why choose wood?

An elegant wood floor is ideal for the kitchen. It offsets the current trend of white kitchens beautifully, as well as being easy to sweep. However, it’s important to choose engineered wood over solid wood. This is because solid wood flooring contracts and expands according to factors such as humidity and temperature, unlike engineered wood flooring.

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Furthermore, engineered wood can be mopped without causing degradation, unlike solid wood. Should you opt for engineered wood flooring such as the many available choices from, it’s important that you mop up spillages quickly to avoid staining.

So, can you use wood flooring in the kitchen? Yes, of course, but choose engineered wood every time.