The most suitable time of the year for casement windows restoring

If you’ve noticed cracks or rots on your sash window during the winter colds, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the spring to hire the team of repairmen.

Winter is the most undesirable season for windows restoration. Because of low temperatures, sash windows repainting becomes impossible – paint won’t soak in the wood properly, it can’t dry and fasten in cold. After 4-5 months of such a maintenance, you’ll see the paint flaking and wood cracking again.

Warm months of the year, or, more precisely, March-October, are OK for sash window renovation, but we would recommend waiting for May at the very least for your plans’ accomplishment. The period between May and September has the perfect conditions for the paint to catch up. If the expert repair work was done with the usage of top quality materials, like those which Chameleon uses, next time you’ll think about wooden windows restoration in 5-7 years.

Summer is great for sash windows repair for one else reason. It’s the time of school break when the traffic on the streets isn’t overflown (comparatively) during mornings and evenings. Therefore, if you face a situation when tradesmen do not cover your area due to high traffic or parking issues, schedule repairs on one of the summer weekends when such problems won’t bother at all. In addition, within weekends you won’t have to go to work or leave the house without supervision – this way sash windows refurbishing will undergo without causing stresses.