Should You Choose A Slate Roof For Your Home?

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A new roof is a terrible thing to waste. That’s why it pays to be extra thorough when researching different materials to use for your new roof. Your home’s roof doesn’t just help keep your home dry and protected during storms and other bad weather. It helps your home stay strong for years no matter what, helping you boost the value of your home and lower energy bills by keeping everything easily and efficiently temperature controlled. Using the right material to build your roof can make all the difference between a weak, easily damaged surface and a strong outer layer. When it comes to roof repairs and new roofs, most roofers Atlanta agree that slate is one of the best choices for building something strong that will stand the test of time. If you’re in need of a new roof, here are just a few reasons why choosing slate could be the strongest move.

It’s Fire-Resistant

Slate roofs come in a large sheet of material, rather than more traditional shingled roofs. While this might seem like it could put a lot of undue pressure on your home’s foundation, slate can actually be quite a light material. Because it’s not porous, it can also handle a lot more and doesn’t need room to “breathe” in the way that shingled roofs do. The most important, and potentially life-saving, detail of slate roofs is that they’re totally fire resistant. That means that you don’t have to worry about your home catching fire due to a downed power line, a fallen tree branch in a storm, or any other number of frightening possibilities. When your roof is protected from fire-related damage, your entire home will be safer. Not only will your roof stop any fire from spreading, it will also keep your home from collapsing dangerously during a fire-related disaster.

It Can Last Up to 100 Years

Many homeowners love slate for its beautiful, elegant look and the appearance of a uniform sheet of rock protecting their home. But that’s certainly not all there is to love about slate. In addition to looking sleek and stylish, it’s one of the longest-lasting roof materials out there. Slate roofs are built to last for your entire lifespan, with most standing strong from around 75-100 years. That means that once you invest in a slate roof, you’re not going to have to pay to replace it anytime soon. Even if you need repairs on your roof, they’ll most likely be minor, since it’s very hard for the elements to shift, crack, or damage your slate roof. If you want to outfit your home with an incredibly strong material that won’t quit for a century, there’s no better option than slate.

It Won’t Absorb Water

If you live in a stormy, wet, or otherwise volatile climate, a slate roof won’t just help keep you safe from fire. Because slate in a non-porous, sealed stone material, it’s very water-resistant and will allow your home to deal with even the harshest winters, most torrential rains, and unending snowfalls without so much as a scratch. While other roofs can start to suffer after a long winter composed of months of back-to-back snowstorms, slate roofs are able to hold large amounts of snow and ice without posing a risk to the firmament below. While it’s never a good idea to let ice dams form on your roof, a slate roof will be much more forgiving of this issue that traditional shingled roofs might. Since there are no cracks for snow and ice to leak through, you’ll be able to sit out the winter without worrying about roof or ceiling damage.

It Will Protect Your Home From Weather Damage

If you want to boost your home’s value and its curb appeal, there’s no denying the part a slate roof could play in getting your home off the market quickly. Not only will buyers love the look of a slate roof, they’ll also be happy about the fact that, even if you’ve lived in your home for 50 years, they’ll still have decades to go before they have to think about replacing their roof. On top of this, buyers looking to purchase a home that can stand up against harsh winters, long rainy seasons, and fiery dry patches will love the idea of a property that protects itself. It’s not just important for your home to stay strong against the elements. When you have a slate roof, you’ll be able to maintain it easily and keep it looking clean and beautiful without having to worry about replacing individual shingles or rip out entire sections of your roof to deal with water damage. Your slate roof will help to protect you and your family for years to come.