I Have Evicted the Birds

When I was younger, I loved everything about birds. They were just gorgeous flying animals with the most musical natural sound ever. It was not until I became a homeowner that I discovered that birds can be something other than just pleasant. I have always enjoyed sparrows, but that was when I only saw a handful at a time. When a large group of them decided to make nests all over my roof and gutters as well as nearby trees, I knew that I had a bird control problem.

I did not want to hurt them, but I also did not want to have to keep washing my car, hosing off my sidewalks, and cleaning out my gutters because of the debris that they left in there. I actually thought they were cleaner than what they are, but my eyes were opened to how such a small creature can cause chaos when they are in a large group together. I went online to see what I could do, and I was disheartened to see that there was really no options on my own to do.

I researched further and that was when I saw that I could bring in a company that would be able to take care of the bird problem for me. They told me that it was a good thing that I called because there was already a bit of damage done to my roof. The sparrow waste that was deposited on my roof was never treated, and the rain has not been exactly heavy this year. Because of this, it was starting to eat through the roof in places. Thankfully, they caught it in time, and no major repair was needed. I am still happy to see birds in my yard, but I am so happy that they are just passing by rather than taking up residence!