3 Benefits of Caring for Your Chimney

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Having a fireplace, especially in the wintertime, can be a significant benefit. You may decide to light a fire as a way to create a warm atmosphere, roast marshmallows, or simply to heat the room. Scheduling a DC chimney sweep periodically will provide an array of benefits.

Deep Clean

Although you may be cleaning your fireplace on a regular basis, you probably aren’t doing a deep clean. You are doing the bare minimum because that is what you were told to do. However, a chimney sweep will be able to provide a deeper clean, including getting higher up the chimney. This will help to eliminate the smoky smell in the house. It will also allow your chimney to look it’s very best.

Avoid Fires

Fires happen all the time because chimneys aren’t being cared for properly. Ash and soot can build up inside the fireplace. As it continues to build up, it will start to clog the chimney. At some point, you will run the risk of starting a fire every time you light a fire in your fireplace. Chimney fires can cause a significant amount of damage and send a lot of smoke into the home.

Identify Potential Problems

A chimney sweep will be cleaning your chimney and also looking for various problems. The inspection that they provide could identify potential problems before they have a chance to get out of control. It’s much easier to do a quick repair when an issue is caught early on then after the problem has had a chance to wreak havoc for months or even years.

You want to do everything you can in order to care for your home. If you have a fireplace, it’s only sensible to schedule a chimney sweep to come in periodically. The service and inspection they provide will be well worth the money.