Longaberger Headquarters Building and Via57West – A Review

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As one of the no-fee rental, VIA 57WEST is the smart choice for you. Lots of other no-fee Midtown West rental we can choose but the VIA 57WEST is becoming the major building that you can pick to start your new life.

What makes us have to choose the no-fee Rentals?

Do you know the unique building of Longaberger headquarters building? Yup, that one with the big basket design absolutely makes us want to stop by and laugh. It is not because of it is funny enough but it is more like how unique this place is. You know for sure that this is becoming one of the most inspiring buildings that we can meet.

  • What’s the connection with the Midtown West rental?

Just as amazing as Longaberger headquarter building, you can get the special offers amenities from the VIA 57WEST. Now, we are going to talk one of the garden amenities from VIA 57WEST that will impress your heart.

The main reason why this apartment calls them as a major green-living in NYC is because of their 47 species of native plant material. Well, with this number of species, we can definitely get the most refreshing area of the apartment. The green refreshing plantation will make us feeling more comfortable in our house that in the major city.

Another superb thing that will make you getting more impressive with this design is it has 22,000 square foot exclusive courtyard oasis for VIA residents. This will be your favorite place to enjoy your leisure time with your family and neighbors. Well, I think I’m falling in love already with this building.

And finally, the most interesting part of this residency is it has four barbecue grills that you can use to have a party with your family. The barbecue grills party in the perfect apartment with the most magnificent Hudson River view is just a wonderful time that we don’t want to skip. You know that barbecue is one of the fun times that totally can bring happiness in our life, right?

So what do you think about those magnificent amenities? With the cheaper price, you will totally get your happiness from choosing this no-fee rental as your apartment.