3 Ways in Which You Can Improve the Appearance of Your Workplace

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Nowadays, more businesses are looking at how they can make their offices fresh and welcoming for their staff and clients. If you’re responsible for your building’s maintenance and upkeep, you may be considering ways in which you can make your workplace a more pleasant environment to work in — aesthetically and practically. Here are some things you can do, both inside and out.


If you have exterior grounds, commercial landscape services St Louis MO can provide expert help in creating attractive and practical outdoor spaces. Depending on how much room you have, you could explore adding pathways, car parking or seating areas to make the area more functional. Or you may wish to spruce up the outside by adding some flowerbeds, tidying borders, and trimming shrubbery.

Shared Areas

If you don’t have the budget to address the entire office, refurbishing shared spaces like breakout and eating areas is a way to make workplace improvements the whole team can enjoy. You could consider adding amenities such as drinks and snack machines, comfy seating, and tables and chairs, or redecorate with new paintwork and window fixtures. The best way to determine what the team values most is to gather their input.


Replacing flooring is a simple but effective way to change the whole appearance of your office. It allows you to update color schemes or visually section off areas without having to invest in significant or structural changes. Hard-wearing surfaces like vinyl work best in high traffic areas such as hallways and receptions. Easy-to-clean flooring is useful in kitchens and restrooms where there’s a high risk of spills and mess. Meanwhile, carpets are a good choice in meeting rooms and older buildings because it helps to reduce noise transfer. 

Commercial premises should be an inviting space for both your employees and your customers. Implementing just one or two of these improvements can enhance your environment.